Delta Seat Selection : All You Need to Know

Are you searching for the best seat at Delta? If you want to pick your desired seat at Delta, then you need to know how you can choose it and complete the procedure of Delta Airlines seat selection.


Delta Air Lines is a reputed US-based airline known for the best in-flight services and flexibility in policy, including delta seat assignments facilities.

Here, In this blog, you will get a complete procedure about "How to pick a preferred seat at Delta" with an end-to-end explanation.

Delta Seat Selection Ticket Types & Rules - Major Highlights

When it comes to flying with Delta Airlines, understanding the seat selection ticket types and rules is crucial. Making informed choices about your seat can greatly enhance your travel experience. Let's delve into the major highlights of Delta's seat selection ticket types and rules, ensuring you have all the information you need to make the best decision for your journey.

Delta Economy Class Seat Selection:

    1. Basic Economy:
  • Seat selection not available until check-in.
  • Seats assigned at random.
  • No advance seat selection without additional fees.
    2. Main Cabin:
  • Free seat selection at the time of booking or for a nominal fee.
  • More flexibility and control over seating preferences.

Premium Class Seat Selection:

    1. Delta Comfort+:
  • Extra legroom, dedicated bin space, and priority boarding.
  • Free seat selection at booking or later.
    2. First Class:
  • Ultimate luxury experience with spacious seating and exclusive amenities.
  • Seat selection typically included in the ticket price.

Delta One:

  • Highest level of luxury travel.
  • Fully lie-flat beds, premium dining, and exclusive perks.
  • Seat selection generally included.

How does Delta Seat Selection Works?

Delta Seat Selection allows passengers to choose their preferred seats before their flight. Whether travelers desire extra legroom, proximity to the aisle, or a window view, Delta offers various seat options to accommodate their preferences.

Lets Understand Briefly How it Works

  1. Selecting the right seat is crucial, and Delta Airlines offers various options.
  2. Seat selection ticket types and rules help you make informed decisions.
  3. Economy, Premium, and Delta One classes cater to different preferences.
  4. Checking specific seat selection rules during booking is recommended.
  5. Choose the option that ensures a comfortable and enjoyable journey with Delta.

Delta Seat Selection Fee

Paying the airlines for your seat assignment is an essential part of the journey. Every traveler wishes to have the desired seat. However, to make it happen, the passengers must pay the Delta seat selection fee.

Cabin Class Seat Selection Fee (One-Way)
Basic Economy $10 - $30
Main Cabin $10 - $60
Delta Comfort $15 - $75
First Class Included

However, Nobody wishes to have a hassle at the last moment and wait till the departure of the Delta Air Lines flights to get accessible desired seats. Although, passengers rarely get the preferred seat selection for free.

Rather than waiting long, Flyer can make seat selection at Delta prior to 7 days of departure. It will hardly take $29 per person. However, charges may vary, so you should keep an eye on the Delta airlines seat selection fee policy.

How do I Select My Seat on Delta ?

You can make delta seat selection Online and Offline both. Passengers often need to catch Delta airlines seating selection while booking a flight online. In this circumstance, Knowing in-depth information about seat assignment is quite important.

How Can I Get my Seat Online at Delta?

Online options are always time savvy for any customization like change in flight, Flight cancellation or seat selections at Delta. Make Delta Seat Selection as per your preferecne online. See these steps below to know "How to Opt Seats Online?"

  1. Start This by opening a browser window and logging in to Delta's official site.
  2. Once you log in to the delta com site, then go to the "My Trip" option.

  3. how-to-pick-seat-on-delta
  4. Then, Enter the required information like "your booking id" and "last passenger name." Get done with it and press the "enter" button down.
  5. Now, you need to look forward to the trip for which you want to select your seat. Afterward, you select the booking and customize the required changes.
  6. As of now, You have to make a Delta seat choice, so click on the "seat selection" option and check the availability.
  7. And, It's done now! After finding available seats, you just need to make the payment for the fare difference for Delta Seat Selection.

In case of any difficulty with Delta airlines seat selection online process, you can also dial the official Delta Seat selection phone number +1-844-604-2944 and knock on the customer service door. We will get acquainted with it in the next subtopic.

Opt Your Seat at Delta by Live Person

To Get in touch with Delta airlines agents, you just need to dial official number. After dialing any of these phone numbers for seat selection, follow the instructions of IVR and get connected with a live person.

Delta Representatives may be busy with multiple such queries in the queue often. In such situations, you can wait for a while or dial the other delta airlines phone number to selects seat.

Once you get connected then, simply give the required information and pay for the fare differences as per Delta seat selection fee policy cost you.

Delta Seat Assignment for Basic Economy

If you are a basic economy traveler, As per the guidelines, you will not get the Delta seat selection process facilities. So in case you want to pick your seats on Delta economy or you want to sit beside a particular person, then you have two choices.

  1. Pay airlines the chargeable seat assignments fee. (Most Recommended)
  2. Wait for Your Own - When Check-in Open (For this, you need to contact Delta Air Lines Supervisor to confirm the availability of the seats you are looking for. You can only get it when it's available. )

However, You should choose an upgraded seat when it comes to flying with the family so that you will have options to sit beside your beloved one.

Important Insights on Delta Seat Assignment

In this post, We have covered the procedure and fee of Delta Airlines Change Seats. Now, you get to know some of the significant aspects of Delta seat assignments policy.

See these points below:

  1. Selecting Seats for economy fliers always falls in the Question mark. It's always unsure whether you can make your desired delta seat selection or not. It is more recommended for firm travelers or frequent fliers, not with families or friends.
  2. Under the policy of Seat assignment Delta, If you are not comfortable with your seat, then you can ask the agent and request additional seat space.
  3. The Delta Air Lines agents are cooperative and always concerned about your comfort. They will provide you with a seat if it is available.
  4. However, passengers can upgrade their seats to first-class seat for a better experience by paying the applicable fee. Read All the Way to Seat Upgrade at Delta.
  5. Moreover, Passengers can buy tickets for the main cabin by redeeming the Miles; otherwise, they can also make Delta seat selection for the main cabin.
  6. For that, They need to pay the seat assignment fee to Delta Air Lines. The cost may vary between 70 to 90 USD.

To know more about the Delta Airlines Select Seat policy, you can reach the live person by dialing the official phone number.

- Frequently Asked Questions -

While choosing Delta Seats, you have choices based on the types of seats offered by the Airlines. It can be premium seats, main cabin, comfort plus, basic economy, etc.
If you are wondering why you can’t pick your seat at Delta, it may be due to your ticket type. For Basic economy ticket types, it’s rare to opt for seats according to your preference because of many restrictions.

Apart from this, it can also happen because sometimes seats are not available as you want or you are so late to apply for seat assignments.
Yeah, You can do so. Delta Air Lines allows you to check the seating
delta-seat-mapping At the end of the Delta airlines seat selection process, you need to pay a fee of 29 USD (Depending on scenarios, prices may vary).
Delta Airlines allows change or upgrade seats prior to 3 Hours of Departure of your flight. You can do it by calling customer service via the phone number or directly at the airport too. Online options are available too.

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