Sun Country Seat Selection - Guided Informations

Reserved flight with Sun Country Airlines & wishes to select your seat in advance? Fret not; We will help you learn about the Sun country seat selection policy. The airline offers policies which are not only user-friendly but also flexible. Continue reading for more details.


Sun Country Airlines is one of the LLC in US Carrier; let you pick your seat of your choice easily and conveniently. The Airlines allows you to make a choice in certain stages, which are:

  1. Sun Country Seat Selection at the time of flight booking by Map
  2. Online in advance
  3. Just before boarding the Flight

The airline has three seating options for all its customers - Standard, Exit, & best on Sun Country. It is better to book your tickets at the time of flight booking or try to board the plane early to get the seats of your choice. It is important to keep in mind that the airlines can allot you the middle seat in case you don't pay the fee for seat selection. Make sure you pick your seat by keeping an eye on the Sun Country seat map.

For more detailed information on the seat selection policy of the airlines, read our entire post.

Sun Country Airlines Seat Selection - Policy & Fee

The seat selection fee for Sun Country Airlines ranges from 2 – 35 USD, depending upon the selected seat. It is a must to pay for the seat if seats are selected after the flight booking.

Did you know? You can book your preferred seats for free if you choose a seat within 24 hours of flight booking! This policy is said to be Sun Country 24 Hours seat selection policy.

The airline's seat assignment is based on various factors, including time of flight, type, & seating options. In case of any doubt, do not hesitate to call the customer helpline of the airline.

How Do I Select my Seat on Sun Country?

Since you know the airline's seat selection policy, let us know how to book or select your seats. Now, we will be sharing all possible ways to choose Country Sun Airlines seats.

You should be aware that Sun Country allows you to book a seat at the time of Booking, in advance online, & at the time of check-in. You must know that Sun country allows you to book a seat at the time of Booking, during check-in, and in advance online.

Further, you will get an explanation for choosing seats in each condition with sun country plane seats maps.


How do I Pick My Seats at the Time of Booking?

Choosing your seats at the time of flight booking is an essential consideration for many travelers. It allows you to secure preferred seating arrangements, ensuring comfort and convenience throughout your journey.

Read the Steps to Select Your Seats By Sun Country Seat Map at the Time of Booking

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Sun Country Airline.
  • Then, on its homepage, look for the "Book a flight" option.
  • Afterwards, fill in all mandatory information for booking a flight.
  • Consequently, be sure about the exact details of travel destinations & number of seats to be booked with proper seat selection by Sun Country seat map.
  • Now, click on the "Search Flight" button to see the results.
  • After selecting your desired flight, select a seat option to complete your seat selection process with Sun Country Airlines.
  • Afterwards, you will be redirected to the seating chart of the selected flight.
  • Here, you can select your preferred seats from the available seating options.
  • Furthermore, go to the payment page & pay for your flight including your desired seat fee.
  • Once the payment is made, you will receive the e-ticket from Sun Country Airlines on your registered email id.

In case you face any issues at any point during the booking & seat selection process, do call the Customer Support team of the airline. Their team of advisers will help you in the booking process & are available 24/7.

Sun Country Seat Selection at the Time of Check-In

No need to worry if you forget to select your seat at the time of flight booking. With Sun Country Airlines, you can choose your seats during check-in. Just follow the steps below-

  1. Visit the Sun Country website from your laptop or desktop.
  2. Next, choose the Check-in option & enter the flight reservation code or ticket number with the traveler's last name.
  3. After entering all required information, you will be redirected to the multiple seat selection options on Sun Country.
  4. You can choose your preferred seats & make the payment.
  5. Finally, you will receive the confirmation mail from Sun Country Airlines.
  6. Alternatively, you can select a seat when you board the flight.

Though there is minimal possibility of getting the preferred seat when boarding the flight, you will get the preferred seats when you board the flight.

For more details about the Sun Country Airlines seat selection process, call the customer support team at 651-905-2737 for help & assistance.

How to Choose a Seat in Advance at Sun Country?

Another option is selecting seats in advance with the Sun Country Airline. We are sharing below the entire process of advance seat selection with the airline. Follow the below steps for hassle-free seat booking-

  1. Visit the airline's official website.
  2. Now, choose the Book a flight option & enter all the required information.
  3. After this, click on the Search Flight option.
  4. Select the suitable flight & continue with the airline's seat selection process.
  5. After clicking on the Select a seat option, you will see the seating chart.
  6. Select the seats of your choice in advance for your selected flight.
  7. Lastly, pay fees for the selected seat.

Contact the customer service team in case of any doubt or need for more details. They are available 24/7 to help & assist customers.

Sun Country Airlines First Class Seat Selection

As of now, Sun Country Airlines does not have different types of cabin classes. Therefore, First Class seats cannot be booked.

However, all its seats are very comfortable so that passengers can have a relaxing journey.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead & book your flights & seats with Sun Country Airlines for your next trip!

- FAQs Related to Selection of Seats at Sun Country Airlines -

Now, we will be sharing with you some tips to help you select good seats for your flights with Sun Country Airlines.
  • You can book your seats for international flights up to 24 hours before departure.
  • You can select & choose your preferred seats during check-in & also at the airport up to 3 hours before departure.
  • The airline will assign you random seats for free if you do not choose a seat.
Yes, Sun Country Airlines allows customers to choose their preferred seats even after booking. You can select seats online in advance & also get the option to choose the seats before boarding the plane.
Sun Country offers complimentary seat selection for their Ufly Rewards members with certain membership levels. Additionally, some fare types may include free seat selection, so it's best to check the details when booking your flight.
Yes, you can change your seat selection on Sun Country. However, changes may be subject to availability, and there might be a fee associated with making changes to your seat selection.
Yes, Sun Country allows passengers to reserve exit row seats. However, there are specific eligibility requirements and restrictions for these seats, such as age restrictions and physical ability, for safety reasons.
Sun Country Airlines makes efforts to accommodate group seating, but it cannot be guaranteed. It is recommended to book all seats together at the same time to increase the chances of sitting together.
Yes, you can select your seat during online check-in on Sun Country's website. It's recommended to check-in as early as possible to have a better chance of securing your preferred seat.
Yes, Sun Country offers seats with extra legroom for an additional fee. These seats are typically located in the exit rows or at the front of the aircraft.
If you don't select a seat on Sun Country, one will be assigned to you during the check-in process. However, this seat assignment may not necessarily be of your preference or choice.
Yes, Sun Country Airlines accommodates passengers with medical or accessibility needs. It is recommended to contact their customer service in advance to make any necessary arrangements and request the desired seat.

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