A regular traveler or one who travels on fractionation, a corporate traveler or the casual one; All travelers need flexibility while choosing the Airlines because travel plans are subject to resilience. Your plans can change at any time for any unclear reasons which can arise because of the personal cause or others. Therefore, In such a situation Choosing Delta Airlines can be the best option because of its change in flight policy.


If you want flexibility and a stress-free, manageable booking process, then you must book your flight at Delta because it has a simple and pocket-friendly policies like change flight policy or cancellation policy. Delta Airlines Change Flight Policy has been designed in such a way that flyers can have a simplified traveling experience and be more controllable. 

Making Change in Delta Flight Booking is more pocket-friendly than other major airlines in the US because it has removed the change fee for Main Cabin tickets or higher on flights originating from North America. However, Delta still charges for economy class or some other criteria.

Also, You can easily change Delta flights Online or Offline through the Delta Mobile app.

How to Change or Cancel Flight at Delta Air Lines? 

With Comfort and Flexibility, Delta Airlines also facilitates its flyers with different options to change or cancel their reservations.

For Delta Flight Change, Passengers can opt the following methods. 

  1. Online Method of Delta Change Flight 
  2. Changing Reservations by Calling Delta Air Lines Customer Service 
  3. Modify the Changes via Mobile Applications
  4. Visiting Airport 

However, Making Online or via Mobile App is easier and more comfortable; thus, it is the most preferred way for Delta airlines to change the flight. 

Further, Read these methods and policies for flight modifications at Delta Airlines. 

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How to Change Delta Flight from delta.com (Online)?  

Passengers can make changes in the flight at Delta through delta.com (the official site of Delta) without reaching out to the customer service representative.

If you want to make changes to your flight reservations online, follow these easy steps. 

  • Firstly, log in to your SkyMiles delta account. 
  • Afterwards, Go to manage booking options, search for the My Trip options, and click on it.
  • Fill in Your Booking Details - Confirmation Booking Number and Last Name of the Passenger Click on the "Find my Trip" button. 

  • Now, You just need to find your reservations and choose the trip where you want to modify.
  • Furthermore, Make your required adjustment. 
  • Next, Go for the confirmation for your change, and your changes are done now. 
  • Pay for the fare differences if Applicable.
  • Lastly, Receive the confirmation email from the airline.

Can I Change My Delta Flight Using a Mobile App? 

Yes, Modifying your Delta Air Lines booking through a mobile app is an easy and time-saving process. Delta Mobile app 5. O has multiple features, including changing your flights so that traveling becomes easier and more comfortable. 

Therefore, Delta Air Lines has achieved a 4.8 commendable iOS rating. Delta changed the flight process from a mobile app to an Online one.

See the following steps for changing flights using a Mobile App. 

  • First, You need to download the Delta Fly App from the playstore or apple app store
  • Then, log in to your account in the app and Click on the "My Travel" option.
  • Afterwards, Look for your flight booking in the My trip option by filling in the required documents, viz., name and confirmation number and credit or debit card number.
  • After finishing these, you will see the trip detain screen and find the "change flight" button. Click on it. 
  • Modify the Change and pay for the fare differences, if applicable. However, Fare differences mainly depend on fares and ticket types. Further, we will cover this with the Delta Airlines Change Flight Policies & Fee discussion.
  • Lastly, You will receive notifications in your email. 

Change Delta Flight via Phone Number - An Offline Method

Flyers can also alternate or modify their flight booking via delta airlines change phone number. 

All you need to do is just dial +1-800-221-1212 or +1-844-604-2944 to apply for the change in the booking, then follow these steps. 

  • Once you place a call to a delta representative, you need to choose the language. 
  • Afterwards, You will be asked to submit the required details, so submit them.
  • After That, The agent will ask for the fare difference. 
  • Before completing confirmation, make sure to revise all the submitted details again.
  • Then, Get done with the payment of fare differences. Soon you will receive an email with a confirmation of your changes made. 

Delta Air Lines - Change Flight & Fee Policy

Delta is the best airline in the USA who satisfies the flyers with discounts and flight booking deals  and provides them with the best flight with easy flexible change flight policy. 

Delta Air Lines change flight policies allows the flyers to make adjustments in their flight like change in date, name, date of birth, travel class or other things for free to those who are making adjustments within 24 hours also known as risk free periods.

Economy class passengers can change flight on the same day at Delta for free afterwards, they will be charged for making changes in their booking. However, they can cancel their flight booking and receive their balance in the eCredit after deduction of the cancellation fee. 

The passengers who booked their reservations with Skymiles Delta must be on the top of the heap as Delta change flight policy is made more flexible and easy for them. They can change or cancel their flight for free anytime (after a risk free period also). 

Note: If Award Tickets hoder Change or Cancel the flight prior to 72 hours of the booking then, it will not impact their miles point at Skymiles delta.

Delta Change Flight Fee Structure 

Above, We cover Delta flight change policy, now we gonna cover the fee structure for flight alternation. As we already know, There is no change in flight fee in risk free periods.

Furthermore, See the following table to understand the Delta Airlines Change Fee Structure.

Types of Tickets Changes made in Risk Free Period Changes made after Risk Free Period Changes made for the Same Day Flight
Standard Tickets Basic Economy Free Free Free
Non Refundable Not Allowed 0 to $500 Free
Refundable Not Allowed $75+ $75+
Award Tickets Basic Free $150 $75+
Gold Free Free $75+
Diamond Free Free Free
Platinum Free Free Free

Changing Outside North American Flights are chargeable. The change flight can be between $200 to $500.

How to Avoid Delta Flight Change Fee? 

If you are looking to make changes in flight booking without paying a fee in certain cases. See the following tips to avoid Delta change flight fee.

  • Try to make changes prior to 24 Hours to enhance 95% the chances to make changes without a fee.
  • Book a flight from Delta official site or Mobile App to avoid charges for the modifications.
  • Skymiles delta flights accounts has also special liberty for flight changes.
  • Try to purchase Elite Tickets so that you will have extra benefits from Delta airlines change flight policy. 

These were the 4 tips to avoid changing flight fees at Delta Air Lines. Furthermore, you can find more about it from the official site by reading policy. Moreover, you can also call Delta airlines phone number to reach out to the customer service representatives.

Can I Reschedule or Rebook a Flight at Delta?

If you are also worried about rescheduling or rebooking the flight then be stress-free because Delta Air Lines facilitates this also. Passengers can rebook the flight after canceling  the flight reservations. 

Here is the step by step process to reschedule or re-book your flight reservations.

  • Make Sure you have already canceled your flight tickets.
  • Then, Login your account in Delta official site or skymiles depending. 
  • Afterwards, Look for the “Canceled Flight” option and select the trip you want to rebook. 
  • Make Required Modification in your selected booking and click on “Rebook Flight” option.
  • When you are done with these steps, confirm your booking options and pay for the fare difference.
  • Make sure all of these are done under delta change flight rules & policy. 

Moreover you can also take assistance from Delta live representatives by dialing the official delta airlines phone number +1(800) 221-1212 or +1-844-604-2944. 

- Frequently Asked Questions -

Well, In this case you have to contact the travel agency and ask for the changes. Delta doesn’t take external ticket handling charges for the third party booked flight. However, Delta charges $50 for external handling tickets.
Charges on delta depends on ticket types and your risk-free periods. Meanwhile, Delta can charge upto $0 to $500.
If flight is delayed for any unforeseen reason or any other obstacles then Delta reschedule your flight or in case flight is canceled then your booking price will be fully refunded or Delta will rebook your flight.

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