Flightadvisers sells discounted flight tickets and offers attractive deals on air tickets. Being the largest flight booking engine based in the USA, our core value is delivering the fastest, most reliable and most trustworthy user experience whether it is making quickest flight searches, flight booking or making fastest payment, processing refunds or making settlements. At Flightadvisers, we lay utmost priority on preserving your personal details and keeping them secure and confidential. To learn more about our privacy policy, you may read the details given in this section. If you are visiting our site, it implies you also trust us and accept our practices. Read through each and every detail carefully.

Our General Principles

For us, it is very important to protect your privacy to the fullest extent. We have included this page on our website to preserve your personal details and keep it confidential. With Flightadvisers, you may be sure of protecting information about yourself. We at Flightadvisers do our best to safeguard your rights of privacy and preserve them on our website and system. We also like to say that we are not responsible if any third-party who is not under our control makes an unlawful and unauthorised disclosure of personal or confidential information about you. They may be the websites and advertisers who are linked to our site. We receive your information simply to know that you are genuine and never leak them to any third party. When you are booking flights from Flightadvisers, we ask you for information like your name, your email, your telephone number, billing information, etc. Through our system, we may also ask you about your room preference, car rental service, details on other services you may need. However, you may avoid giving too much information to us as we simply need the general details required to complete the registration. We may also ask you to participate in the contest and surveys but they are just optional.

Details on personal information collected by us

  • You may also book the flight tickets for someone else and we will ask you the personal details of the person concerned. It is important for you to attain the consent of that person regarding the personal detail. You may inquire about his/her travel preferences and then get back to us. If any modification is needed at the later stage, it can be done from your account solely.
  • If we want, we may also attain information about you from affiliated entities, business partners or other independent sources. Some of the information we can receive are address information, delivery information, demographic information and the purchase history.
  • We can collect some of the information about you as soon as you visit our website. They include information like your IP address, your web browser details.

What do we do with your personal details?

We collect your personal details only to carry out our business and to deliver you superior customer service. Your information will be disclosed on the basis of the Privacy Policy only. But, if we wish to use your details for any other purpose, we will let you know and take your consent. If you provide any information while using our services in an unencrypted manner, it is not subject to privacy. They are open to the public environment and can be accessed by third parties. It may happen that the third party uses and collates your information. So, be careful when you disclose your information in public environment. Information disclosed publicly is shared with our third-party servicemen, our affiliates, sponsors, etc.

How do we use your information?

We make use of your billing information like CC number, cardholder details, expiration date to simply execute travel bookings you carry out on our website. We have several other purposes of using your details like to offer you your desired products and services, to make a confirmation or make other updates. We effectively manage your online account and offer frequent notifications on offers, deals and thus use your information. We keep on updating you about our latest offers, product, services to know if you are interested in any of them. You are sure to benefit from our travel related opportunities that we offer on our site. We keep sending you email messages containing information on thet travel related interests. For instance, if you have saved your travel itinerary in the past and not made the booking, we will access your information to send you messages and emails on the planned itinerary. We will update you on the offers and deals on that itinerary. Our emails will furnish you with the important information on our deals and discounts and travel details.

Things to know about privacy policy

When you are using our website of Flightadvisers, you will notice several links to applications and third-party websites. You need to know that if you click the link, you will be sent to some other website. Although you are automatically diverted to some other site, we will not disclose your confidential information to the third party ever. You will be going through their terms and conditions, privacy statements that may be different from ours. Only when you agree to them, you must look forward to a transaction. We will try and safeguard your information as much as possible and you are also liable to safeguard it.

Flightadvisers reserves the right to modify the privacy policy mentioned above. If there is any need for making an amendment, we can look forward to it. Flightadvisers strives hard to fulfil the promise of delivering a comprehensive travel experience to the service seekers. Only if you agree to our privacy policy, choose us for the services.

We at Flightadvisers collect from you your personal and private information and respect your privacy. We guarantee the certainty to protect customers' private and personal information, which they submit to us through the contact form on our website. The information includes address, name, telephone number, etc. We don't sell, trade, share or rent the information to third parties without the customers' prior permission, unless otherwise herein described.

Flightadvisers uses customers' debit and credit card numbers for their payment process. Other confidential information we collect is not shared with third parties until or unless we are required to do so by the law, and when we believe that disclosure is essential for protecting our rights and/or complying with a court order, judicial proceeding, or legal process served on our Site.

Disclaimer: Flightadvisers is an independent travel website free from affiliation with any outside parties. By using Flightadvisers.com, you acknowledge and accept that Flightadvisers shall not be responsible for any loss, whether direct or indirect, coming from the use of any offers, contents, or links to other websites contained on this website. This indicates that the phone number is connected to the travel firm Flightadvisers and not to any other business.