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The terms and conditions of Flightadvisers must be read carefully prior to accessing or attaining any product or service. The terms and condition posted here together with other terms posted anywhere else on this site constitute the agreement between the company and you. When you buy any product or service, it implies that you agree to our terms and condition.

All the terms that start with a capital letter are stated in this section and defined:

"Content" implies the information, the text, the documents, data, images, articles, photos, etc. Content also encompasses designs, features, sounds, videos and audio recordings. It also includes the products and services.

"Mark" here implies the trade name, trademark, trade dress, trade name, graphics, and logo.

"Products and Services" imply air travels, fare alerts, travel insurance or other items you find on our site.

"Provider" implies our suppliers, licensors, leisure and travel service provider, and information providers.

"Purchase" implies booking the flight tickets and buying other services.

Site and the Content

  • Flightadvisers site is meant for personal use only. You will not modify, distribute or exchange anything which you copy from this site for business or commercial purpose. However, this does not apply to audio, video, text, and images.
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  • This is the site which is solely meant for the consumers and thus travel agents, consolidators, tour operators may not use the site at all for group or individual booking. If the company finds out any such thing, it can cancel the booking immediately without taking any consent from the one who was booked. The offers and discounts mentioned on our site are solely meant for the consumers.
  • You are asked to report the content posted on this site in case they are unlawful, defamatory or pornographic.

Terms of usage

Flightadvisers offers you the non-transferable, limited, non-sub-licensable, a personal license to use the site’s content. Besides this limited license, we cannot offer you other right or another license with respect to Flightadvisers site. If you are not granted any license or right, it is reserved.

No copy, no distribution, and no sale

You can download a certain portion of the content posted on this site but you cannot modify it in any way. You shall not reproduce, copy, republish, load the content of this website. Do not frame and border the environment around this site to hide certain things. Do not replicate also any portion of this site. One cannot sell, transfer, license any of the portions of this site to any third party. Do not reverse-engineer any portion of this site.

Other kinds of limitations

Unless and until you are authorized by Flightadvisers, you shall not do the following things:

  • Use this site in any other way rather than making legitimate purchases or reservations
  • Use spider, reboot, automatic device to monitor the content
  • Use this site in order to make any fraudulent reservation, speculative reservation in the anticipation of any demand.
  • Place any misleading or false statement on the site.
  • Imply in any way that the site endorses your products and services
  • Post or transmit any unlawful statement which encourages conduct thought to be a criminal offense.
  • Access or use our site in a way that adversely affects the function or performance of the site.
  • Use any software tool which attempts to interfere with the normal working of the site or put any load on the equipment by taking any action.
  • Conceal the origin of information transmitted through this site
  • Upload the site to any of the software tools which contain viruses and Trojans.

Privacy and Security

The very use of this site is subject to Privacy Policy set by us. You need to agree that you have read our Privacy policy and that they are acceptable to you.


We will use all the commercial efforts to make sure that our site is available for all 24X7 hours. But, if there is any site maintenance or system outrage, our site may not function for some time. We cannot say that the site will be available at all times. We assume no responsibility or liability for any delay.

Terms and Conditions

Our Policies on purchases, bookings, and reservations

You need to agree to the terms and conditions of the seller or supplier from whom you plan to buy the products. The supplier who is into Air Carrier must offer to the service seekers the terms of the contract of carriage. Flightadvisers, on the other hand, makes available various fare rules for the air carrier tickets prior to any purchase.

The circumvention of such rules such as back-to-back ticketing, hidden-city ticketing, and such policies are not permitted by any Air Carrier. If you dishonor ticketing practices, the Air Carrier has the right to take actions against you. The ticket may get canceled and you may not be allowed to board the flight.

You are responsible for abiding by the policies, terms, and conditions of purchases imposed by the supplier who opts to transact with. This includes the terms and conditions set by air carrier on the air carrier’s fare rule segment.

Flightadvisers will not allow to book flights beyond 90 days from current date.

Terms and conditions relating to payment

We at Flightadvisers make sure that each and every transaction you carry out with us takes place in a safe and secured space. We never store the credit card details on our server. When you proceed to check out, you will be redirected to the payment page automatically to enter the card details. Our site is master-secure, and so, you need not worry at all.

We have the right to cancel or refuse any of the orders which we think is not as per the terms set on this page. We can also cancel the order for the product which has an incorrect pricing on this site. This is irrespective of the fact whether the order is confirmed or not. Even if the order is confirmed and the payment is collected, we can cancel the order and refund the amount back to your account.

We are not liable for your credit card fraud. The person who is using the card will be responsible, and the onus to prove the fraudulence lies solely on the user himself. To resolve any other query related to our terms and conditions, privacy policy, you may check the ‘Contact Us’ section and contact the service providers.

General terms and conditions

The fact that you agree to our terms and condition do not in any way make you our partner or create a joint venture, agency relationship with us. Under our terms and conditions, you are not supposed to delegate, assign, transfer your rights or obligations. If the court finds any of the terms to be violating that term will be enforced while others will remain in effect. The headings used in this section are meant for your convenience and ease but they do not affect and limit the terms.

Provisions of the terms and conditions

Prior terms and conditions

The terms mentioned here supersedes the terms mentioned prior to the date mentioned in this section.


If we want we can modify the terms and conditions, revise or update them along with the privacy policy. This will be done by posting fresh updates or updating the existing ones. To find out the current terms, you must visit the page frequently. Some of the provisions of the terms can be superseded by legal notices.

Written documents

If you want you may preserve our terms and conditions in the written form.

Electronic Notifications

If we need to contact you, we can do so via electronic means. This is not limited to instant messaging, electronic mail or limited to the site content or content posted on this page.

Contact Information

If you have any question relating to our terms and conditions, you may contact our customer care number.

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