Changing Travel Plans can be with anyone. Sudden changes in plans can bring hurdles and confusion to your mind but you don’t need to worry if you are booking tickets with Alaska. If you have booked Alaska Airlines flight reservations and want to change your flight, then you don’t need to worry because of its easy change flight policy.

Alaska Airlines Change Flight Policy - Multiple Ways of Flight Alternation


The flight change policy for Alaska Air is as under:-

  • No flight change fee for Main Cabin & First Class fares. You need to pay a difference in fare, if applicable.
  • Customers must change their itinerary before the flight departs as per the no-show policy.
  • No changes are allowed for Saver Fares.
  • Same-day changes can be done during the check-in after paying a fee of $25-50.
  • Changes can only be made if the ticket is purchased from the airline’s official website.
  • If Passengers confirm the booking from a third-party agent, then I need to contact them about the changes.
  • Call the airline’s reservation desk at 1800 252 7522; if a customer is not eligible for online changes.
  • If a booking for 2 or more passengers was made together & no one has checked in, then flight changes can be made.
  • Flight changes can be done if the reservation was done for up to 7 passengers or is not a part of a larger group.
  • Flight changes are not permitted if traveling with a pet.
  • Online changes can only be done for flights booked for travel within the USA, Canada, & Mexico.
  • For online changes, the booking should have at most 6 passengers & should have at most 8 segments.
  • Online flight changes can be done for tickets booked at the airline’s official website, reservation call center, or ticket counter.

If you are searching “how to change flights in Alaska and change flight procedure can be done in 2 major ways.

  1. Online
  2. Offline

Furthermore, We have discussed it in detail. Have a Look!

How to Change Flight Online at Alaska Airlines?

If you are looking for flight alternation in Alaska, the most preferred way to make changes can be the Online Change flight method. Additionally, If you are choosing an online method, then you have a chance to avail a companion discount also.

Follow these easy steps for Alaska Airline Change Flight Online.

  • Firstly, You have to Search for “Alaska Airlines Manage Reservation and run the official website from SERP.
  • Next, Log in to your Account at Alaska airlines' official site.
  • Then, Fill in the details asked for, viz. “Confirmation Number & “Last Name
  • Afterwards, Click at the “Make Changes to this Trip button.

Note: Here, you can have two circumstances. Either you will have to make some changes in date, names and other modifications or change the Alaska flight completely.

  • In Case of changing flights at Alaska air completely, you can book alternate flights at Alaska and pay for fare differences.
  • In Other cases, passengers may have to pay for the modifications precisely. In date changes, the fare difference depends on the date exceeded or diminished. To know about fare differences, you can dial Alaska airlines' phone number +1(800) 252-7522 or +1-844-604-2944 to reach out at the customer service desk.
  • Lastly, You will be notified of your changes in your email.

Hence, This is how you can make online changes to your Alaska airlines reservations.

Are You Eligible to Change Alaska Airline Flight Online?

Alaska restricts online changes in flight booking. You are allowed to make Alaska change flights online in certain conditions like

  • Flight reservations must be booked from the official site.
  • Passengers Should be limited between 7-8 or Fewer.
  • Reservations should not be made through partner airlines like British Airways or Cathay pacific, And Other Restrictions also.

Moreover, See the Complete Eligibility Criteria for Changing Alaska Airlines Flights.

Alaska change flight


Alaska Airlines Change Flight Policy - Easybiz Facility

Easybiz Facility is an official page of Alaska, provided to non-refundable ticket holders for modifications and alternation or rescheduling of reservations under Alaska's change flight policy.

Therefore, passengers are directly redirected to the Alaska official site and easily complete the change flight process. However, Easybiz change flights at Alaska option are mainly applicable for business travel deals.

Alaska Airlines Change Flight - Offline Method

Alaska Airlines offers its passengers a flexible change flight policy with multiple options to change the flight. We just read about the online method. There are 2 ways Alaska Airlines can change flights via Offline Method.

  1. By Directly Calling Customer Service at Alaska Air
  2. Apply for the Changes to the Airport Too

Further, See the brief explanation of Offline Method of Change Flight at Alaska.

How to Contact Alaska Air Representative via Phone Call?

Alaska air avail customer service by phone call or chat so that transparency between fliers can be maintained. Passengers get solutions for all travel needs, be it booking, flight cancellation or Changing flight reservations.

Here are a few steps to follow to contact a live agent at Alaska Air via Phone Number for Alaska Airlines Change Flight.

  • First, You need to dial the authentic Alaska Air Phone Number 1 (800) 252-7522 and follow IVR instructions to reach out to the live person.
  • Once you connect to the Alaska air representative, you will have to give your 6 digits booking number, last name or other details.
  • Inform the Agent about your required changes in Alaska Reservation which can be changed in Flight Date, Name, date of birth, or complete reschedule of your flight.
  • The airline’ person will inform you about the fare differences of your changes.
  • Now, You just have to pay for the ticket changes and other associated charges for your debit or credit card.
  • Lastly, You will receive the confirmation email from Alaska in your email.

Alaska Air Change Flight at Airport

Changing Alaska Airlines flights at the airport is almost the same as other change flight methods. You just need to reach the airport, contact the ticket agent, and then provide the details as he asks.

Finally, You just need to keep an eye on the fare difference for your changes and pay for it via your debit or credit card. In Addition, You will be notified that your changes will be confirmed by the airline.

Moreover, you can also call the airlines or visit its official site also viz, more convenient for the passengers.

How to Change Alaska Flight via Mobile Application?

Alaska also features a mobile app service for its passengers, so traveling is as easy as at your fingertips. The app has all the features for managing your booking, including changing flights at Alaska Air.

Follow this Instruction to change your flight to Alaska from the Mobile App.

  1. Firstly, Download the App of Alaska Airlines viz. Available for android or ios users both.
  2. Then, Access into the login panel and click on the “manage booking tab.
  3. Next, you can select your trip and make the required changes.
  4. Made an eye properly on the fare differences.
  5. Afterwards, Confirm your changes and pay for the differences in fare via debit or credit card.
  6. Lastly, You will receive the confirmation email from the AIrlines.

Additionally, For any difficulties in changing Alaska air flights or mobile applications bugs, You can directly visit its official site or connect to Alaska Air Customer Service Agent also through its phone number 1-800-ALASKAAIR (1-800-252-7522).

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Alaska Airlines Flight Change Fee - Policy

If you are wondering, “Can I Reschedule my flight to Alaska without paying a fee? then you must know about this information.

The answer is “Yes Alaska made an official announcement that “from Beginning May 1, 2021, change and cancellation fees will be permanently eliminated on Main and First Class fares, which clearly means passengers will not be charged for any type of fare be it saver fare, main or first class passengers.

However, Passengers will have to pay for same-day flight change only. Read Same day change flight policy below.

Alaska Flight Change Policy for different Fare Types

The flight change policy varies from one fare type to another. After covering the Alaska airlines change fee policy.

Let's explore it on the basis of fare types.

Main Cabin & First Class

  • Change fees have been eliminated. Though, a difference in fare may be applicable for a new flight.
  • Must change/cancel the reservation before flight departure to receive future travel credit as per the airline’s no-show policy.
  • Customers can do same-day confirmed changes during check-in by paying a fee of $25-50.

Saver Fares

  • Changes are not allowed for saver fares.
  • As per the 24-hour cancellation policy, cancellation is allowed for saver fares purchased after May 1, 2021.
  • As per the peace of mind waiver, the cancellation can be made for saver fares purchased through April 30, 2021.

Changing a Flight

The process of changing the flight with Alaska Air is very easy. Sharing the process with you step-by-step-

  • Visit the airline's official website.
  • Fill in the last name of the passenger & confirmation code.
  • Now, click on continue.
  • After this, select "Change the trip.
  • Select "change flight under the Departing Flight section.
  • Click on continue & choose the new flight.
  • Pay the difference in fare, if any.
  • Confirm the made changes & checkout.

Alaska Airlines Same Day Change Flight Policy

According to the Same day changing flight at Alaska air, Passengers have to pay $25 to $50. The prices are dependent on the type of booking made by the passengers.

Types of Booking Made by Passenger Addition Change Flight Fee
Booking made for Domestic Trip 25 USD
Booking Made for International Trip 50 USD

Moreover, For any doubts or queries, you can connect to the Alaska Air Customer care desk also. You can get a solution for your queries, for instance.


Alaska Airlines provides its passengers easy change flight options. Excluding same-day flight change, all flight change fees are free for all types of fares or mileage programmes. The airline has multiple options for changing flights online, contacting customer service or visiting airports directly through mobile applications and Easyviz also (for corporate travelers).

- Frequently Asked Questions -

Alaska Airlines does not charge for changing flights but passengers have to pay for same day flight change.
Yes, It does but charges applicable for name changes or any change in DOB.
If the newly booked flight costs less than the original flight, then the difference in fare will be either credited for future travel or the airline will refund the amount.
The non-refundable tickets, including Saver Fares, are non-refundable. But, if the changes are being done within 24 hours of the original booking time, then it is free. one needs to pay a difference in fare if any.
If anyone is forced by the airline to change the flight because of overbooking, then the passenger is eligible for a refund. In such situations, airlines may compensate by providing an alternate flight.
Alaska Air does not charge for flight change for most of its fare types. Also, one can skip paying for changes done within 24 hours of flight booking. However, if changes are done after the given time, one will be charged $25-50 as a flight change fee.

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