Traveling with major airlines has several benefits. Plans tend to change suddenly, and there are times when flight changes become necessary. In such instances, Lufthansa aims to provide comfort and convenience to the customers. It allows them to make essential adjustments to their bookings. In this blog, passengers can get a detailed idea of Lufthansa change flight details rules, policy procedures and fees.


Know about Lufthansa flight change policy:

Before you decide to change your flight plans with Lufthansa, you should know it has a policy for changing flights. If you know the Lufthansa flight change policy, it will be easy to make changes. Checkout the given points to learn more: 

  • There are no charges for changes to Lufthansa flights within the first 24 hours of booking.
  • Modifications cost a fee after the initial 24-hour period, depending on the ticket type.
  • Changes made within the first 24 hours are free.
  • Lufthansa does not allow changes once the check-in is completed.
  • If the airline changes the departure date, passengers can modify their tickets for free.
  • Changes made outside approved channels are not eligible even with a refundable fare.
  • Passengers should have a valid ticket from authorized sources to request a Lufthansa flight change.
  • Changes requested within 30 minutes of departure result in no change ticket fee.
  •  For non-refundable tickets, modifications during the risk-free period cost the total ticket amount as a Lufthansa change fee.

How to Change a Lufthansa Flight?

Changing your Lufthansa flight ticket can be done through various channels – online, offline, or at the Lufthansa Helpdesk. Passengers can use the confirmation number received during your Lufthansa Flight booking to make changes to the reservation.

Online Method

According to Lufthansa flight change policy, passengers can easily change their Lufthansa Flights by following these simple steps:

  • Visit the official Lufthansa website or use the Lufthansa app.
  • Then, go to "My Trips" and choose the specific trip you want to modify.
  • Click on the "Edit Flight" button.
  • A new page will appear with options for flight changes and cancellations.
  • Choose the "Flight Change" option.
  • Explore available flight options with the same route and destination, then select a suitable flight.
  • If there is a ticket price difference, pay it. 
  • Otherwise, you will receive a refund or eCredit for future use.

Offline Method

If you face any problem using the online method mentioned earlier or want additional information about your bookings. You can reach out to the airline via a phone call. Call the customer service number and connect with an agent to address any concerns or queries.

  • Call the Lufthansa change flight number 1800 102 5838 to contact a representative.
  • Then, please provide your booking details so they can access your flight information.
  • Further, inform the representative about your preferences for changing your reservation
  • Lastly, you can also inquire about rescheduling flights.

Can I change my flight date on Lufthansa?

Changing travel plans is a common part of the journey. If you want to change your flight date with Lufthansa Airlines, it is possible online and offline. Here is how you can make online changes to your flight date:

  • Go to Lufthansa Airlines' official website.
  • Visit the My Bookings tab and provide passenger details, including first name, last name, and booking code.
  • Click "Find Bookings" to access your Lufthansa bookings and locate the Flight Change option.
  • Follow the instructions to modify your flight dates on Lufthansa.
  • Complete the process by paying the flight change fee and applicable fare difference.

Does Lufthansa charge for flight change?

Lufthansa change fees for U.S. flights, which range from USD 199 to USD 750, in addition to any fare difference. It also offers a 24-hour penalty-free cancellation window for online bookings. Passengers can find the Lufthansa change flight cost below:

Economy Class:

  • Economy Saver: Changes not allowed
  • Economy Light: USD 199 plus fare difference
  • Economy Basic: USD 300 plus fare difference
  • Economy Basic Plus: USD 300 plus fare difference
  • Economy Flex: Free (with fare difference)

Premium Economy:

  • Premium Economy Basic: USD 300 plus fare difference
  • Premium Economy Basic Plus: USD 300 plus fare difference
  • Premium Economy Flex: Free (with fare difference)

Business Class;

  • Business Basic: USD 450 plus fare difference
  • Business Basic Plus: USD 450 plus fare difference
  • Business Flex: Free (with fare difference)

First Class:

  • First Basic: USD 450 plus fare difference
  • First Basic Plus: USD 450 plus fare difference
  • First Basic Plus II: USD 750 plus fare difference
  • First Flex: Free (with fare difference)

How do I change my Lufthansa flight for free?

During the first 24 hours after making your reservation, you can freely change your flight details without any charges. This aligns with Lufthansa Flight Change policy. You will not incur extra fees for modifying the time, date, or other information within this initial period.

How long before your Lufthansa flight can you make changes?

If you have a basic economy ticket, you can make changes within 24 hours after booking. You can adjust your plans up to 24 hours before the flight for refundable and non-refundable tickets. You may need to pay the required change fee according to the rules of your ticket.

Can I change my Lufthansa flight in less than 24 hours?

If you are flying with Lufthansa, you can change your flight on the same day. You can adjust the date, seat, destination, or other details. But remember, you need to make these changes at least 1 hour before your flight takes off. If the new ticket is more expensive, pay the extra amount. On the other hand, if it is cheaper, you can fill out a refund request form to get your money back in the way you originally paid.

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