We all love visiting our desired destinations, enjoying ourselves with our favorite person, and spending quality time with our family and friends, but our travel plans may not remain the same. By hook or crook, If your plan is canceled or changed and you have booked your flight with United, you can easily tackle this situation with the change flight policy.


United facilitates its passenger flexibility when it comes to changing your reservation. It is one of the reputed airlines in the US and covers large domestic and international destinations.

If your plans are also changing due to any circumstances,you must rea this post to get a comprehensive guide to United airlines change flight policy and process.

Know All about United Airlines Change Flight - Process, Fee and Policy

In this post, we will cover all about changing flight policy and fees and How to change United flights. However, If you want an immediate solution to your reservation, contact customer service via united change flight number 1-800-864-8331 or visit official site.

What is the United Change Flight Policy (New)?

The recent Changing flight policy for United varies based on travel fare when you apply for the changes and what the changes you are looking for are.

See the following points with a point-to-point explanation of United Airlines Updated flight change policy in 2022-23.

  • If you cancel a United flight before 24 hours of your scheduled departure time, then there is no change fee will include; besides, United also facilitates the flexible booking option so that passengers can rebook their flight.
  • US Continental citizens can adjust their traveling plans and roam free without any cost to change flights at united.
  • There are no fare charges for economy class (instead of Basic economy) before 31st April 2021, also for the standard economy and premium cabin of International flights.
  • Fliers can cancel the basic economy tickets and redeem their balance to travel credit for the future use after paying the cancellation fee.
  • If the altered flight tickets are cheaper than the previous one, the balanced fare difference will be credited as a travel credit for the future.

Moreover, for an in-depth guide to United's change in flight policy, you can visit the official site or call to the customer service desk directly at its official phone number.

How to Change or Cancel Flight at United Airlines?

United Airlines understands passengers' requirements and the importance of flexibility. With the easy policy, the airlines also provide easy methods to make any modifications or cancellations easily and hassle-free.

If you want to change or cancel your flight reservation at United airlines, you have both options, ie. Online & Offline.

Online methods are considered an easy process for making changes in reservations or canceling them. You can make changes online through a website or mobile app.

However, You can also make changes to your booking offline by visiting the nearest KIOSK and contacting any help representatives available; otherwise, you can call the United change flight number to the customer service desk directly.

Offline methods for changing flights benefit those who want to grab discounts on their modifications or make money via the award tickets or mileage-plus program.

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How to Change United Flight through an Online Website (united.com) ?

Making Online changes to your booking at United is more simple and easy. All you need to do is just follow these steps:

  • Firstly, log in to the united.com website and go to the “my trip” tab.
  • Afterward, You will have to go on the “Change Flight” option and edit your reservation as per your need.
  • Once you get done with the modifications (or changing your flight also) then click on the “continue” tab button.
  • Pay for the required changes or claim reimbursement (only in specific cases like change in date), then confirm.
  • Lastly, you will get a notification in your email for the changes made.

So, These were the steps to follow for the United flight change via online. Furthermore, we will discuss the mobile app method and offlines methods too.

Are Mobile App Modifications an Easy Process?

The current trends are high when it comes to making changes online, booking or other related things. You can also make changes to your united airlines booking or reservations through a mobile app. It is an easy process, and all the modifications or flight alterations occur at United Airlines.

If you also want to know “how to change your flight to United via the Mobile app, then see these steps.

  • Check your mobile phone to see whether the United Mobile app is downloaded or not. If it’s not, then you can download it from the playstore easily. It is also available for iOS or Apple users. Check Official.
  • Once You get the app, Firstly log in to your account at the app.
  • Now, You need to find out the “My Trip” option and then look for the change flight option and click on it.
  • Now you are free to go to make all your required modifications easily.
  • After finishing all these, just confirm the changes or rebook your flight if you altered the previous reservation.
  • Lastly, you will receive a confirmation message from the United team for all the changes.

Note: You need to Keep an eye out for fair differences and pay for them. However, If you are facing any problem while using the app, then you can call the live person at United also and take instant assistance.

How to Change Flight at United Airlines via Offline Method?

Changing flights Offline at United Airlines can also be made with ease. You can make offline changes in two ways.

  1. By Visiting the Airport or Nearest KIOSK
  2. Call the United Airlines to Change your Flight Number and Take Help from a Live Person

Offline Methods are more useful for those passengers who want to grab the Award tickets or benefits of the United Airlines Mileage program.

Which Number Should I Call for Changing flight United?

Many Customers at United have suffered from scams while traveling or booking their reservations.We, Flightadvisers, always give you the best advice to make your traveling stress and hassle-free and save you from scams.

You should always call the official United Number to change your flight. 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331) within the U.S. and Canada, or call the united local help center.

Moreover, you can contact with us also by calling at +1-844-604-2944 to change your flight.

Calling to Live representative is a very easy process. Follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, You need to dial the flight change number at United.
  • Then, you will listen to automated voice instructions.
  • Keep Following the IVR as per your need.
  • Lastly, You will get connected to the live person. Once you connect with the representative, speak about your problems (change or cancel the flight, rebook or reschedule and any other queries.)

How Can I Change my MileagePlus Award Reservations?

You can change your MileagePlus Award reservations Online and offline both by following the same easy steps mentioned above.

  • Login to your account at the United Airlines official site.
  • Find “Manage my Reservations.”
  • Go Ahead with the Changes you want to make to your MileagePlus award tickets.
  • Afterward, Click on the “Confirm” button and receive the confirmation mail.

Moreover, You can make the same changes by the offline method by speaking with a United representative.

- Frequently Asked Questions -

Yes, You will get a connecting flight confirmation from United officials if your flight is delayed for an hour or more. However, You can also choose the flight of your own choice. Rarely if There are no flights available, then you can ask for a refund from the airline.
However, for the changes and cancellations within 24 Hours, there are no charges. United free the change flight cost for the flights originating from the US and Mexico in economy tickets and refundable tickets.
United Airlines only charge for the non-refundable ticket; for domestic flights, you need to pay upto $200 and for International upto $400.
Yes, You can make changes to your destinations, but you need to keep an eye on the fare differences for those locations and change fees. Different Locations have different fairs, so you can ask for reimbursement if the actual fare is more than the current one.
Yes, But at the same time, you have to pay for the changes and fair differences.
No, You won’t. As per the change in flight policy at United airlines, There is no charge for the Award ticket holder when the flight originates from the USA and Mexico.

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