If your plans change when flying with the budget-friendly Aeromexico, it is not a big issue. They provide a flexible Change Flight policy that allows you to change your tickets online or offline. The entire process is just as easy as booking your ticket initially.


So, if you need to make changes to your Aeromexico flight booking, it is super simple! Read the blog and follow the steps.

An easy guide to Aeromexico flight change policy:

The Aeromexico flight change policy aims to solve various passenger needs while providing clear guidelines for changes, refunds, and rebooking. You can view the policy in detail below:

  • Free Changes within 24 Hours:

Changes made within the first 24 hours of booking are free and applicable for a refund across all ticket types. Only the fare difference must be paid, except if it's less than $50, in which case the airline retains the ticket balance.

  • Post 24 Hours: Flight Change Fee:

After the 24-hour time period, a flight change fee is charged based on the fare type.

  • Refundable Tickets: Passengers who are unsure about the trip can book these tickets for a full refund. It is issued using the original payment method.
  • Non-Refundable Tickets: You can receive compensation through travel vouchers or flight credits for future bookings.
  • Rebooking Unused Portions: Unused portions of the ticket can be rebooked, providing added flexibility to travelers.
  • Applicability to Fare Types: The policy includes both restricted and non-restricted fare types.
  • No-Show: If marked as a no-show during the rebooking process, additional fees are applicable in addition to the Aeromexico change flight fee.

How to change Aeromexico flight?

Making changes on Aeromexico flights is an easy procedure. You can make modifications on your own on the official website. To learn about the Aeromexico change flight online process, follow the points below:

  • Visit the Aeromexico Airlines official website.
  • Then, click "Manage Trip" on the homepage for booking adjustments.
  • Further, input necessary details like Last name and Confirmation code and click "Find Trip."
  • Next, choose the specific flight for modification and select a new travel date.
  • Browse available flights for the chosen date.
  • Now, follow payment instructions for the change.
  • Lastly, wait for the confirmation of your updated flight from the airline.

Change Aeromexico flight offline:

Many individuals still prefer traditional offline methods over modern online booking and managing airline tickets. Aeromexico offers the passengers an option for ticket booking and management. Passengers can visit Aeromexico's booking center or kiosk at the nearest airport. Alternatively, they can contact the Aeromexico change flight number +1-844-604-2944 to request changes in flight reservations. The experienced staff at Aeromexico is always available to assist and guide passengers in resolving their inquiries.

What is Aeromexico involuntary schedule change policy?

In the event that Aeromexico makes changes to your flight. Passengers should know the airline's policies regarding booking cancellations and changes. Read to make changes in your policy:

  • If your new flight departs within 14 days of your initially scheduled itinerary, you might be exempt from paying the fare difference under particular circumstances.
  • Request a refund, and the processing will be completed within 12 months of your application.
  • Alternatively, you can receive a refund in the form of an electronic voucher (EMD), equivalent to 115% of the value of your ticket before taxes.

What is the Aeromexico Change Flight Fee?

If you have questions about the Aeromexico change flight fee, the details below provide information on the fees imposed by Aeromexico depending on the fare type.

  • No Aeromexico change flight fee is charged for passengers holding a basic fare ticket.
  • No flight change fee is applied to flexible fare and premier fare ticket holders.
  • Passengers with classic, comfort, and AM plus tickets charge a flight change fee of $300.

How do I change the Aeromexico flight date?

Aeromexico allows passengers to change their flight dates with ease. You can change your flight 24 hours before departure without any charges. Take advantage of the Aeromexico change flight date option to adjust your plans without unnecessary stress:

  • Firstly, visit the official Aeromexico website at www.aeromexico.com.
  • Then go to the "Manage your Trip" section.
  • Further, enter your booking code and last name for verification.
  • Then, select the "Customize" option.
  • Next, choose the "Date" tab.
  • Now, enter the new date you prefer for your flight.
  • Select your desired available flight on the new date.
  • At last, complete the payment process.

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