Planning takes time, but changes can be quick. If something unexpected happens, like needing to change your flight, it is usually a hassle with most airlines. But Latam Airlines is different because they have a flight change policy. If you have to make last-minute changes, just visit Latam Change flight webpage. You will get all the details you need for an easy process. If you need more help, you can read this blog that will provide you with all the details.


What is LATAM Change Flight Policy? 

Customers wishing to use the LATAM change flight policy must follow the following fundamental regulations:

  • Changes to flights encompass adjustments to the reservation's date, time, and itinerary.
  • Documentation must be provided for changes resulting from modifications.
  • Only reservations made through the airline's official sources are eligible for modification.
  • The eligibility for altering tickets is contingent on the rules of the destination region.
  • Same-day modifications are permissible under specific conditions.
  • For partner flights, the rules of the other operating airline also apply.
  • Advance requests are required for significant modifications.
  • A fee is applicable for facilitating such alterations.
  • The ticket remains valid for 12 months, allowing for modifications accordingly.
  • Compensation is only permitted in the case of involuntary alterations.

How to change Latam flight?

You can change your Latam ticket within 12 months from the date of your initial flight purchase. Moreover, it is applicable only to unused trips. For instance, if your journey began on December 10, 2023, you can make changes until December 10, 2024. To start, keep your order number or reservation code handy. Follow the steps to change Latam flight:

  • Go to the Latam Airlines official website.
  • Then, input your trip details to view the suggested itinerary.
  • No action is required if you wish to keep the current option; your flight is confirmed.
  • Furthermore, choose a flight to change, explore alternative flights, and choose a new date.
  • Receive a list of available flights for your selected date.
  • Next, choose the most suitable flight, review and adjust other flights if desired.
  • Accept the terms and conditions to confirm the changes.
  • Lastly, the pay to complete the process.

Latam Airlines change flight limitations:

There are specific cases where you cannot change your ticket through our website. Please note the following:

  • Completed Check-in: If you have already finished the check-in process for your flight, please contact our Contact Center for assistance.
  • Special Services Included: Tickets with special services, like unaccompanied minor service, bassinet service, pets, animals in the hold, and medical requirements, cannot be changed online.
  • Group or Multi-Destination Reservations:Changes for group or multi-destination reservations must be handled through our Contact Center.
  • Route Changes: Any changes in the route of your flight cannot be processed through our website.

For any of the above situations, please reach out to our Contact Center for the necessary support.

Can I make a Latam same-day flight change?

Yes, you have the option to change the departure time of your flight while keeping the original day, origin, and destination unchanged. You need to follow the following points for Latam same day flight change:

  • This modification is applicable only for flights operated by Latam Airlines.
  • A one-time cost is associated with this service, and there are no extra charges for differences in the new flight's fare.
  • The adjustment applies to all passengers included in the reservation.
  • The conditions of your initial fare, including inclusions and allowances, will remain the same for the chosen new flight.
  • Children and adults will be subject to the same charging conditions, except for children under 2 years old, who do not need to pay for this service.
  • You cannot change between connecting flights and non-stop flights or vice versa.

When can I cancel my Latam flight and get a refund?

  • The ticket qualifies for changes or refunds if it remains unused or hasn't expired yet.
  • Submitting the request before the scheduled flight departure time is another condition.
  • Additionally, eligibility extends to cases where LATAM Pass Miles are still valid for redemption.
  • For changes, an additional fee is applicable for any fare differences.
  • To request a cabin upgrade with a miles refund, it must be done before the flight date.
  • Refunds in cash are subject to a penalty, excluding Black Signature, Black, and Platinum members or passengers who have utilized miles for an upgrade from members of these categories.
  • For refunds on commercial fares, the regulations of the paid fare apply.
  • Only valid redeemed miles will be returned.

How to change the Latam flight date?

Changing the flight date on Latam can be done through various channels. One method is to perform the change online by visiting the website and navigating to the "Manage your trip" section via "My Trips." Simply follow the instructions to adjust your flight date as per your requirements. 

Another option is to reach out by phone for Latam change flight date. The dedicated agents are available to help with date changes and address any questions or concerns.

What should I do if Latam rescheduled my flight?

If LATAM delays your flight by 33 minutes or more or moves it earlier by 16 minutes or more, and you are not able to fly at the new time. Then, you my choose among these points:

  • Change the date for free: You can move the flight up by up to 7 days or delay it by 15 days from the original date. Do it here.
  • Change the flight route, paying any extra cost.
  • Ask for a refund for the fare amount.

How Much Does It Cost To Change a Flight Latam?

You can make changes to your travel plans within one day of buying your ticket without any extra charges. If you don't make changes during this risk-free time, you might have to pay a Latam flight change fee of USD 30.

The fees depend on things like the type of ticket you have, where you're going, and when you are traveling. If you decide to change your flight for free, there could be an extra charge for your new journey. Also, you will need to pay the difference in cost if your new flight has a higher fare. If you are changing your flight on the same day, there might be an additional cost based on your changes.

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